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BBC Learning English

  • BBC Learning English

50 Minutes Lesson

This lesson is for advanced students who would like to improve their English through reading/watching the news.

Option 1: BBC's online newspaper. 

I will send you an article from BBC's online newspaper before our lesson. Please read it over and make notes of any difficult vocabulary or grammar. Then, on the day of the lesson, we will read the article together and go over any problem areas. Lastly, we will finish with a discussion of the text.

Option 2: Short clips from BBC's Youtube page. 
 I will send you short clips one by one from BBC's Youtube page. (Note: I will NOT send them beforehand. But rather when we have the lesson.) I will have you watch the short news clip once or twice. Then, you will summarise the clip for me and answer some questions. Lastly, we will go over vocabulary and discuss the content of the news clip.


1 Lesson

£ 17.00

5 Lessons

£ 75.00

Trial Lesson 20 Minutes

£ 1.00

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