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A Guide to a hassle -free holiday

This lesson is for when you travel to places where they speak English, here are some essential guidelines to help you get what you want. A few words and basic phrases can assist your travelling, allowing you to spend more time enjoying your holiday.
Remember that no one expects you to be fluent. Native English speakers are usually patient.
To help you, we have selected five popular travel points. For each one, we show the basics so that you can experience your trip to the fullest.

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Check in at the airport

No matter where in the world you are, if the employees of the airport do not speak your language, they will try to speak to you in English. There are some questions that you can use to make sure that check in and boarding goes smoothly.

"Is this bag OK as hand luggage?"
"Can I take [item] through security?"
"Can I have a window I aisle seat, please?"
gate do I need to board from?"
'When do I need to board?"
"Is my flight on time?"

If you need to make a connecting flight to get to your final destination, there are some questions you may need to ask.

I check my luggage through to [final destination]?"
long is my transfer time?"

"What terminal does my flight leave from at [next] airport?

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Travel is often tiring and you'll be probably will not have the energy to talk a lot when you reach the hotel. Keep in mind the following phrases to be able rest in your room soon. Remember that many hotel receptionists were born speaking English. Native speakers, will be used to receive foreign visitors.
Prepare yourself, do your best and you'll do fine.
"I have a reservation for [name]."


"I have no reservation. Do you have a single I twin I double room available?"

I would like to stay for [number of nights], please."

"How much is this room per night?"

"Can I have a room overlooking the river I castle I park I cathedral, please?"
"Does my room have a bathroom I an iron I a hairdryer I a telephone I a mini-bar?"

the hotel have a restaurant I bar I swimming pool I gym?"

I have a wake-up call, please?"

'What time is breakfast? I Where is breakfast?"

breakfast included in the price?"

is the check-out time?"

"Can you tell me how to find my room, please?"
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Eating out is an important aspect when travelling, so don’t be intimidated by the menu or with the waiter. Some phrases or questions can be a fun experience to try in places such as bars and restaurants, there is no problem in asking someone to repeat what they just said if you didn’t understand the first time. A simple "Sorry Can you repeat that, please?" works every time

Upon Arrival...

you have any seats outside I by the window, please?"
you have a smoking area?”
we see the menu I wine list, please?"

At the table...

dish / wine would you recommend?

we have five minutes to decide, please?''

you serve any vegetarian food?"

it possible to have this dish without fries / mayonnaise / mushrooms?"

we have some salt / pepper / vinegar / mustard, please?"
we order desserts / coffee, please?"

At the End...

we have the bill, please?"

you accept cheques / credit cards?"

food / wine was delicious, thank you!"
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Like most people who travel abroad, you will probably carry a map and a guide, but sometimes it is not enough to stop you getting lost. Say the name of an attraction and it will generally be sufficient for a local to tell you how to get there. But there are other phrases that you need to know.
"Excuse me, please. I am looking for the museum I gallery I park I river I shopping mall I city centre."

far is it from here?"

it possible to walk there?"

is the best way to get there?"

I take a taxi I bus I train I boat?"
"Where is the nearest taxi rank I bus stop I train station I pier

you show me on the map

is the name of this street”

"Can you tell me where the nearest toilets are?"

you tell me where the nearest ATM I cash machine is?"

"Is there a restaurant I cafe I bar near here?"

uld you recommend anywhere for a meal/ snack I coffee I drink?"
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You certainly buy many things during your journey from a water bottle in a bar until maxing out your credit card in a famous designer store.
It may be a good idea to ask a few questions before spending your hard earned money.
"Do you have this in a bigger I smaller size?"

"Can I try this on, please?"

are the changing rooms?"

this refundable?"
"Does this come with a guarantee?"
'Would you recommend this [name of item]?"

"Do you have anything cheaper than this?"

"Can I have this gift-wrapped, please

'Thanks for your help. I might come back later."
Now you’re all ready for your trip.
I’m sure you can’t wait to get on the plane and leave. Come join us at
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