English Grammar Lesson - Enough

How to use the word Enough

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‘Enough’ can qualify an adjective or an adverb or it can go with a noun or even act as a pronoun.
With adjectives and adverbs
She isn’t tall enough to be a ballet dancer.
I’m afraid your work just isn’t good enough.
I couldn’t write quickly enough and I ran out of time.
I haven’t been to lessons often enough to have really learnt much.

Enough comes after adjectives and adverbs.
With nouns
There isn’t enough bread to make sandwiches.
Have you got enough money?
There aren’t enough nails.

Enough comes before nouns.
Enough of
There isn’t enough of bread X
We don’t use
enough of unless there is a determiner (an article, this/that, my/your/his etc). We use enough of when there is a determiner.
I’ve had enough of your nonsense! ‘Your’ is a determiner here.
I haven’t seen enough of the film to really form an opinion.

Enough can also be used without a noun.
That’s enough! Be quiet!
Enough is enough.                        
With adjective and noun
When ‘enough’ is used with an adjective and a noun, two positions are possible but the meaning changes. Look at these two sentences.
We haven’t got big enough nails. None of the nails are as big as we need.
We haven’t got enough big nails. We have some big nails but we need more.
enough comes between the adjective and the noun (big enough nails) it qualifies the adjective – it tells us that the nails aren’t big enough. When enough comes before the adjective it qualifies the noun phrase – it tells us that there aren’t enough nails.

Have a go at the exercise below.

enough money
well enough

big enough
enough experience

clean enough
tall enough

enough time
warm enough

convincingly enough
enough people

1. I don't think we have________ to go to the cinema now. It's nearly 9pm.
2. They didn't want me in the police because I wasn't ____________.
3. If you can lend me £5, I will have__________ to buy the CD.
4. I know I don't have____________ for the job so I won't waste my time going for an interview.
5. If ___________sign this petition, we can prevent them building the new road across that forest.
6. She lost the match simply because she didn't play _____________.
7. Even if you use a greenhouse, it will never be__________ to grow bananas in this climate.
8. The young girl limped______________ to make her parents believe that she couldn't go to school.
9. This theatre isn't____________ for the play to be performed here. We will need at least another 100 seats.
10. Clean this room again Mary. It's not__________ for hotel guests to use.

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