IELTS Exam Preparation - Custom Lessons to Suit your Needs
* The price above is for a pack of lessons. This is a cheaper option available when you buy a package of 10 or more lessons, or take more than one lesson per week.

Homework: This will be something for you to do after the lesson.

Written Homework: This is a specific written exercise. You send me this through Google Drive, and I make corrections and give you comments.

Resources: I will send you interesting materials so that you can prepare for the lesson.

Personalised Audio: I record different sentences taken from the lesson based on the new language used and corrections for your mistakes. I then send these audio files to you each week. You then listen to the audio and repeat the sentences. This is a very powerful way to help you improve your listening and speaking, and for you to stop making the same mistakes.

Report: I write a summary of the lesson and more examples and explanations of what we discussed. You can then review the material and learn from the examples that I give you.