How to learn English - Request a lesson with Nicks Online English School

Getting started on Nicks Online English School

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All you need is Skype.
More on
Skype here.
A pair of earphones is enough to get you started - you don't even need a headset.
You can study using a PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone.
(For the best interactive lesson, we recommend a PC or laptop)
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To start using Nicks Online School you'll need to register an account. It's free!
No need to worry about setup fees or monthly membership fees. You only pay for the lessons you take.
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When you are ready you can start by searching for lessons that interest you in the store.
You can use the search bar or select by category & tag.
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Please select a lesson in store and checkout.
we accept all major credit cards, PayPal and bank transfer (bank transfer is available but incurs a small fee).
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Once you paid for a lesson you like you can request it with the help of the schedule board.
All times are shown in GMT (UK time)
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After your tutor has accepted your lesson request you'll get notified by email.
The lesson is now confirmed and fixed.
Before the lesson you should receive an "add to contact" request from your tutor over Skype. Please accept this to ensure a smooth start to your lesson.
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Five minutes before your lesson time your teacher will send you a message to confirm that you are ready to begin.
Enjoy your lesson!
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After taking a lesson, let your tutor know what you think and help other students out by posting useful feedback.
You may also receive feedback and learning advice from the tutor once you're done.
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Year-Round Customer Service
100% Satisfaction Guaranteed
Safe Payment & Easy Bookings
To give you peace of mind, Nicks provides support all year round. If you need help please contact us any time via chat or email.
The program allows you to exchange your lesson for another of equal price if your are dissatisfied. we hope this makes it easier for you to try out our lessons! For details see here
Payments to tutors are made by Nicks Online School. And all transactions go through us so you can feel secure. Payments made by credit card can be in any international currency. Payments via PayPal are in GBP.