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We're a private online language school that aims to help students attain English fluency around the world.


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Tips to Improve English Fluency

Your fluency in English language is what will determine how effective you will be at communicating. It does not only determine the flow of your conversations but also your command of writing the language. Since English fluency is at the core of your success in learning the language, it is imperative that it be accorded care and adequate attention to ensure a wholesome understanding of the language. Below are some tips that you can use to improve your fluency in the subject.

No magic pill for fluency

Before you embark on improving your English fluency, it is important to understand that there is no magic pill for improving fluency overnight. Just as with any other skill, there is no replacement for dedication and determination in order to improve fluency. In order to become fluent in the language, time, effort and patience are needed.

Use English daily

The more you interact with the language, the better your English fluency will become. There are several things you can do on a daily basis to improve your fluency with the language, and the goal is not to do all of them, but just pick a few and ensure that you don’t miss to practice at least one on any given day. These methods include reading online news published in English, practice thinking in English, listening to English podcasts, songs and also watching English movies with subtitles in your native language.

Balance learning areas

You won’t achieve your English fluency goals if you give more attention to certain learning areas and neglect others. You need to balance all the aspects of the language including reading, writing, grammar, vocabulary etc. This is the only way to ensure that you have a proper coordination on all the aspects of the language.

Speak regularly

You must increase the frequency upon which you use the language in order to achieve fluency. Look for online resources where you can find fellow learners as well as native speakers so that you interact and in doing so, you continue to sharpen your skills and become better in the language with each and every day.

How to Improve Your Command of English Language Naturally

A lot of students who wants to learn the English language often wonder if there is any magic on how to improve your English naturally. The fact is that there is no such a thing as magic, but all that is required is a genuine intention to learn the language. English is by far one of the languages that are really easy to master and learn due to the fact that it is recognized internationally and it has a lot of learning materials. Listed here are simple practices that can be done on a daily basis to improve one’s command of the language.

Constant reading

Reading a lot of English materials improve one’s command of the language by enriching their vocabulary and enhancing on how they construct English sentences. Rather than sticking to only literature published in your native language, make it a habit to read anything and everything you can find written in English. It can be a little bit of a challenge in the beginning but once you get used to such an extensive reading, it will become second to nature to you.

Watch English movies

Movies will greatly enhance your command of the English nouns and verbs as you are able to coordinate between speech and action. For a start, it is recommended to watch lots of English movies with subtitles in your own language. You should do the same with English songs as well since these are some of the effective ways of even improving one’s pronunciation.

Blog in English

With the advent of the internet, you can blog on anything that interests you in English. While you do this, you will increase almost all the aspects of how to improve your English. From your thought processes to how you structure your sentences, it will result in a tremendous improvement on your command of the language. Blogging in English will also give you an opportunity to improve your grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation, sentence construction, creativity etc.

Benefits of Learning English Online

The widespread use of the internet have made it possible to acquire a lot of information without having to spend money on expensive books or pay membership to libraries in order to gain access to their resources. This has made it so easy to learn new subjects without the need to ever visit a physical classroom.
This great deal of convenience becomes invaluable to those who wish to learn English as their second language. There are a lot of resources including the option for students to learn English by Skype which allows students to connect with tutors who are miles away.

It’s not only the convenience that makes learning English online to be lucrative. Other than time commitment and the cost of internet, there is no need to spend any further cent to master the language.
If one had opted for the traditional classroom method, they would have to factor in so many costs that might end up making the endeavour to be more expensive. For instance, they have to buy learning materials, travel to the institutions, and also pay the tutors though in some instances, one may also have to pay tutors if they learn English by Skype. But generally, the online options are very cheap for a lot of students in terms of costs.

The richness in learning resources also makes learning English online to be very tempting. The learners will not only be confined to reading books alone but also they will have access to a number of learning aids such as podcasts, audio books, video materials, games, etc. The fact that the students can download most of the materials and study them at their free times also makes learning online to be more admirable than the traditional methods. Those who learn English by Skype at an online English School are also able to record their tutors and play them later on to gain more mastery of the language at their own convenience.

3 Effective Tips to Study English


Many students who want to study English often ask if there are effective ways to study the language. This question may not have any specific answers but it is possible for students to use a number of methods to improve their proficiency in the language. The most important thing is the learner’s determination to understand and master the subject. However, the following tips have yielded satisfactory results to a number of learners and they may as well be adopted by new students.

Improve vocabulary

Your vocabulary in English will not only determine your ability to speak the language fluently but also your ability to understand what the other speakers will be saying. Therefore is you want to study English and become very good at it, you must do a lot to ensure that you understand and are comfortable with the meanings of several English words because this will increase your competency and ability to use them without committing many mistakes.

Improve your grammar

Your grammar dictates the coordination of the words you use and the meaning you give to the sentences you construct. Without the ability to develop good grammar, your conversations or articles will not make any sense to the listeners or readers and when this happens, you are essentially not communicating. You can improve your grammar by reading and writing a lot so that you have a good comprehension of the different aspects of how to study English such subject verb agreements, tenses, sentence constructions etc.

Practice using English

The amount of practice you put in the language will determine how fast you will master it. Practice will enhance all the aspects of the language and make you feel relatively comfortable even when using it amongst the native speakers. When you study English, there are various things you can do to practice and enhance your proficiency in the language. They include reading a lot of English articles, listening to English songs, watching English movies with subtitles, speaking with friends, etc.

How to Improve Your English Grammar Fast


Many people desire to increase their proficiency in English as fast as possible but this will never be achieved if the important aspect of grammar is ignored. Grammar is a core pillar of the language in the sense that it determines clarity and preciseness while communicating in English. It enable the speakers to understand the various parts of sentence constructions and avoid making simple mistakes such as using past simple and past continuous tenses incorrectly. Listed here is how to improve your English grammar and become more proficient in using the language-:

Read more English literature

Your grammar skills will greatly improve if you adopt an aggressive reading culture. You should not discriminate against the materials you read, but as a learner who has a burning desire to master his grammar, you should actually read widely and wildly. As you read more materials, you will get to improve your vocabulary and you will also understand how English sentences are constructed hence you won’t have common problems such as using past simple and past continuous tenses in the wrong manner.

Write a lot of English materials

Though you might already be doing a little bit of writing as part of your learning process, you should increase the frequency and the volume of the materials you write. This will give you a chance to test your understanding of the various components of the language and enhance your competency in both written and spoken English. With consistent practice, you will develop the ability to tell whether or not you have committed grammatical errors and learn how to correct them by yourself.

Consult with your instructors

Regular consultations with your instructors will also help a lot to improve your grammar and mastery of the language in general. You might find it difficult to grasp some aspects of the lessons such as subject verb agreement or the correct use of past simple and past continuous tenses and through consultation with your tutors, you can spend less time in learning the most technical components of the language.

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